I grew up in South East London and, after A-levels, moved to Yorkshire in 2006 to go to Leeds University where I studied for my first degree in Music.

I am studying for a DPhil in Theology and Religion and Oxford University. I write about theology and technology asking, “in what wants does contemporary western culture put it’s faith in technology to save it?”

Before embarking on my academic work I was a Curate (trainee vicar) in the Church of England. I lived and ministered in Otley, a small town north of Leeds. I trained for ordination, and completed my Masters, at this theological college.

I’m married to Hannah and we live in New York (USA) where Hannah works as a Recruitment Consultant. We met at university but became friends when we both joined the core team for a homeless charity in North England, being with the marginalised and poorest in society continues to be important to us. We worship at All Angels’ Church in Manhattan.

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I love theology because it is so often the crossroads for a wide range of academic disciplines. To do theology well you have to think about: Philosophy, Psychology, Culture, History, Anthropology, Literary Criticism and the list goes on. And do to all of this well you have to take into account the breadth of the historical tradition and how it applies to the contemporary context. I love the challenge that this presents and the opportunity for creative dialogue.

Here I write a range of blogs. Mainly they will be short, accessible, and about theology. Sometimes those blogs will be based on longer academic essays which I’ve written for my Master’s or that I’m working on as part of the DPhil.

I don’t see the point in writing theology in a vacuum. I’m interested in how theology is applied to the real world. So you can expect to find blogs on culture, technology, leadership and the Church on here as well. The magic happens when two unrelated ideas get thrown together and have to talk to one another!

I love coffee, cooking and kitchen gadgets, I try to run regularly and I wish I was better at producing videos for this YouTube Channel.

If you want to get in touch tweet me @RevJimLaw